Let our experience go to work for you.

We have been straightening and welding, cutting and replacing, covering and
patching for over 16 years.

Each project we work on is performed to the customer's specifications.

If you need a quick, low cost repair, we will do it.

If you prefer to do it right (i.e., overkill), we can do that as well!

We have seen hundreds of breaks, bends, rust outs, etc, and this experience is put at
your disposal when you bring it to us to fix.

Preventing the same break from happening again is important.  If it's broken,
chances are we have seen that problem before, and the repair weld can be
reinforced to prevent it from ever giving you the same problem.

A partial list of what we have repaired:

  • Excavating equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Boat manifolds, hulls, etc...
  • Industrial  equipment
  • Cars/trucks, engine parts, transmission parts, frames...
  • Offroad toys
  • Restaurant/Kitchen equipment
  • Trailers
  • Duct work
  • Silo unloaders
  • Wheel chair parts
  • Antiques
  • etc...

If you don't see it here, don't worry.  Call us to see if it can be fixed.
Maintenance and Repair Service
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PH 330 426-2404  FAX  330 426-2403    
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