Structural and Miscellaneous Steel
895 E Taggart St, E Palestine, OH  44413
PH 330 426-2404  FAX  330 426-2403

The crew of Cardinal Welding has many qualities that are essential to structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication:

  • We are precise and thorough in fabricating.
  • We have experience with both designing and fabricating structures, as well as erecting them.
  • Broad experience which is invaluable in coordinating different aspects of each construction project.
  • Large facility with overhead cranes keeps us competitive.
  • Our non-union welders are AWS certified and dedicated to quality and safety.

We are not currently AISC certified, but are seeking to build jobs that do not have this requirement, so that we can acquire this

Recent upgrades in our shop have made it possible to be
very competitive in this field.  

Please contact Dan with your project so that you can be more aggressive in your bidding!

If you are a structural steel fab shop, don't hesitate to contact us about subbing out work.  We will be glad to do misc steel,
ornamental steel, stainless steel or aluminum, and structural steel.  

Ornamental metal has been one of our mainstays over the years.  We can fabricate and install all types of guardrails, handrails, and
ornamental railings.  Concrete filled stairs, or metal tread stairs are another item we do a lot of, as well as OSHA compliant fixed
ladders, with or without cages, and fixed stairs.

  1. You can be more competitive with our pricing!
  2. Our history of almost no extras charges helps you stay within budget and end
    up with more profit!
  3. A large capacity shop means you get your project on-time!
  4. Contact us TODAY about your next project.
We are currently looking to expand our client base with a few reputable,
performance oriented General Contractors.